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bedroom styling tips, best homeware stores, typo, primark, bedroom inspiration

During lockdown I decided I wanted to create more content that is helpful for you guys. The other day I took to my instagram story to ask you guys what you would like to see, to which a few of you replied homeware content. As I have a 'favourite homeware stores' blogpost and a 'turning four walls to a bedroom' blogpost I thought I would marry the two to create a bedroom styling tips blogpost!

With lockdown meaning I'm in my room pretty much 24/7, my room being my sanctuary means more to me now, than ever. Therefore I've been going the extra mile with decorating and ordering in more bits to change my room around and make it feel fresh again. So here are a few items you can add to your room to help with styling it and making it pinterest worthy.

bedroom styling tips, best homeware stores, typo, primark, bedroom, ikea inspiration,

Pick a theme or colour scheme:
When I first redid my room after going to university I didn't really think having a colour scheme through until all my furniture was ordered and my walls were painted. Luckily I ordered all white furniture and painted my walls a neutral colour so building a colour scheme wasn't impossible. In my opinion sticking to neutral coloured walls is best as we tend to go through phases of hating and loving our bedroom and having neutral walls allows you to either play around with bright colours, gold accents or even a monochrome scheme.

Add art:
It wasn't until my second year of university, that I realised just how much a difference having prints in your room can make. Since working with Desenio, I haven't looked back. From star sign prints, to quotes and body outlines, I have it all on my walls. Not only does it make for great photos but it adds character and the ones involving quotes can make for great daily reminders.

Bring in something living:
Not only are plants great because they add colour to the room but they purify the air, studies have even found they can benefit your mental health! Flowers are also great, waking up and seeing a fresh bouquet when I look to my right always puts a smile smile on my face. I'm not the biggest fan of lavender but it's a great choice for people who struggle with getting to sleep. If you have a Lidl local to you I suggest popping in, I've been picking up many of my plants from there when doing our weekly food shop as they have so many nice ones in at the moment with equally nice pots to match.

Despite having many real plants, dried and fake plants are just as great. You don't have to worry about looking after them, they're usually cheaper and you don't have to worry about soil going everywhere. Dried plants such as pussy willow, pampas and gypsophila are my current favourites.

bedroom styling tips, best homeware stores, typo, primark, bedroom inspiration, how to style a bedroom

Add a comforting scent:
Candles, reed diffusers, plug in air fresheners, all of the above! There's something about walking into a room and being wrapped up in a welcoming scent, especially when you've just tidied your room, it just wraps it all together. I'm currently going through 2 or so candles a week almost during lockdown which can also be blamed on my love of watching flames flicker. Reed diffusers are my least favourite out of the three as I find them to be the weakest and candles will forever be my first choice as there's so much choice out there from scent to shape.

My favourite stores for buying all three are: Next, Bath and Bodyworks (yes they were worth bringing back from Chicago), Ghost Fragrances, The Body Shop and Savers.

Add something knitted / handmade:
In the last year I've found a real love for macrame to the point where I picked up a DIY macrame plant hanger from Aldi over the weekend. I'll update you guys on my thoughts once I've attempted it but according to many its a very easy to do and it's a great way of adding a homey feel to your room. You can find so many different variations online, different shapes and colours to suit your colour scheme. Blankets are also a great room addition which can add to the comfort / aesthetic elements of your room. I picked up my current one from Primark but plan to upgrade and get a knitted one for the winter season.

bedroom styling tips, best homeware stores, typo, primark, bedroom inspiration, how to style a bedroom

Novelty, novelty, novelty:
Adding a novelty element is something I really recommend for adding easy bedroom content. When I say a element of novelty I'm referring to mugs with a quote, beedsheets or pillowcases with a fun print or again, prints. I've recently taken to novelty vases as well, from vases shaped like baby heads to vases shaped like boobs, there's no limit with me. Items like these make for easy overhead shots on instagram and always do well as they create a topic of conversation.

My favourite places for items like this are: Typo, Flying Tiger and Primark.

bedroom styling tips, best homeware stores, typo, primark, bedroom inspiration, how to style a bedroom, interior, decorating

Room additions I recommend:
  • Mirrors: whether it's a full length mirror, one with gold edges or even one to do your makeup with, having a mirror makes life easier.
  • Rugs: they're a simple and fun way of making rooms look more busy and filled in. I recommend avoiding white if you are not a clean person, you'd be surprised how easily they get dirty.
  • Terrariums: I made the one in my room at an event with Pandora and it was honestly so much fun to construct! Also a very rewarding task that makes a great desk addition
There you have it! My first set of bedroom styling tips, I definitely think I'm going to turn this into a series of some sort as I discover and try new things out in my bedroom, but I hope this helps someone or anyone who is looking to add to their bedroom. It took me a long time to appreciate and love the room I have, there's still a lot I need to work on (like my wall covered in bluetac marks from making a picture wall which I now regret years later).

If you have any bedroom styling tips feel free to share them down below! Liked this blogpost? Why not pin it. 

until the next post.
with love, yossy.

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