8 Places You Must Visit in Bath, England

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to visit Bath with my sister and I think it was one of the most underrated places I've been to. From it's golden honey streets, to the friendliness of the locals and beautiful views, Bath is a must. With travel within the UK becoming an option that we are all considering more due to travel restrictions, I thought I would share some places that I believe everyone should visit when in Bath.

Pulteney Bridge:

This is probably one of the first places people will recommend visiting when visiting Bath and rightly so. With so many different viewpoints on offer it's hard to resist spending some extra time checking them all out. Pulteney Bridge can get really busy with tourists so if you're looking to get the perfect picture without anyone in the background try ticking this place off your list earlier in the day. Take some time to relax here and take in the views then why not visit some of the many sweet independent stores around. 

The Bridge Coffee Shop:

If you know me you know I'm a sucker for a cute coffee shop and honestly? The Bridge Coffee Shop has to be in my top three I've visited and that's just because of the view you get if you're able to snag the window seat. I'ts right around the corner from Pulteney Bridge so if you want another view of the Bridge with some tea and delicious cakes to go with it, I recommend stopping here.

Although it is a very small coffee shop so again, if you're looking for the best seat in the house I recommend going early. Sade and I walked around for a bit before any seats were available.

Good Day Cafe:

Since we're already on the subject of coffee shops another one we stumbled upon and loved is Good Day Cafe. If you're a lover of plants, the colour pink and cafes with a cute aesthetic then this is for you. They have the option of sitting below where things were quieter or upstairs where more space is offered but in my opinion is nowhere near as cute. 

They offer a range of lattes from your normal to your matcha and also beetroot pink, there's endless opportunities for photos as well as good coffee and even better pastries (their cinnamon swirl is a must, thank me later).

Sally Lunn:

Before visiting Bath I didn't do much research on the place, it was one of those trips where I wanted to see what we stumbled upon and one of the places that surprised me was Sally Lunn. One thing bath is predominantly known for is their buns, If I could compare it to anything it would be a bread roll meets a scone? Sweet, light and fluffy, it can be ate with cream and jam (which is what we had) or there are plenty savory or sweet options to choose from. 

Downstairs you can find a small museum to learn more about the place as well as a gift store where you can buy some buns to take home if you're not in the mood or don't have the time to sit down and have some. 

Abbey Green:

Here is where you can find most of the instagrammed shop fronts of Bath such as Pickled Green, The Bath Bun and Bath Retro Store. It's a great place to wander around and waste some time, if you're looking for gifts to bring back there's so many stores you can pop into to find something. It's one of the busier places in Bath as it's in the center of many of the popular places people like to visit and tick off. One of the great things about Bath is how easy everything to get to on foot once you're in the center. We didn't once take a bus or a uber during our weekend there. 

The Circus:

If you're someone who loves taking panoramic photos then look no further than The Circus! Visiting here made me fall in love with the architecture  and their and their lovely golden colour. One thing I really came to love about Bath are the buildings, I'm not usually one who cares much for them but the combination of rainy weather plus the buildings made it the perfect comforting escape during the colder season. 

Union Street:

When wandering around Union Street you'll find an array of tempting places to eat and drink so if you're not sure where to go, I recommend going here, I mean look at those meringues? There was also street performers to stop and watch, impressively when we were walking around there was a man walking on a tight rope while playing the violin, how he was able to pull it off I don't know but I was amazed.

Bath Old Books:

The last place I recommend visiting is Bath Old Books, filled with second hand books and ran by five book dealers, you'll be sure to find something in this store. Although I didn't do much research on Bath before going, I did save a few places on instagram, this being one of them. It was a bit further from all the other places we visited but it was worth it despite it being closed on the day we decided to visit. The views surrounding here and the walk we took to get here were worth every step.

I hope this post helps you with planning your trip to Bath or even inspires you to try taking a trip in the UK as there are some lovely places here. Visiting here has inspired me to branch out to other places, if you've been to Bath before where would you recommend visiting?

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until the next post. 

with love, yossy.

What's your opinion?

  1. I absolutely adore Bath, such a beautiful city and I love how you've captured it. I can't believe I haven't been to Sally Lunn's though, definitely popping in when I next visit!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. The last (and only!) time I visited Bath, was when I was a kid. I remember being in awe of it then, and have been itching to revisit over the past year or so - especially after having my memory refreshed by an array of travel posts and blogs there. I have a sneaky suspicion I'm going to absolutely fall in love with it. Even more so at the mention of amazing cinnamon swirls and picturesque walks! I'm sure my camera will be glued to my hands...

  3. I went Bath a few years ago with my friends from sixth form and it's such a lovely place to visit! We were only there for a day and it was pouring with rain most of the time so we unfortunately didn't visit that many places there. I definitely want to go there again and visit these places you've mentioned, especially the cafes and Bath Old Books!

    Abi // https://www.abichristina.co.uk


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